We carry various types of ribbon not listed here.
Please call 714-258-1411 or email sales@obiusa.com for more information

MP/SP200 RC200B 87993560 Black: 1.2M Character Life
RC200BR 30980011 Black: 600K / Red: 300K Character Life
RC200P 87993550 Purple: 3M Character Life
SCP700, SP298 RC200H 87993570 3M Character Life
MP/SP300 RC300B 87993660 Black 1.6M Character Life
RC300D 87993640 Black: Indelible / Non-Fade
RC300P 87993650 Purple: 6M Character Life
DP820 & DP830 Series SF-01 87999820 Black: 800K Character Life
SF-01P 87999810 Purple: 1M Character LIfe
SF-03BR 80900300 Black: 400K / Red: 800K Character Life
LC7211 LC7211 Ribbon LZ9 80981900 Black, Long Life, 4M Characters
LC7211 Ribbon Z9HD 80982210 High Definition, Black, 3M Character Life

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